Week – 18, Technical Sales – Article 1 – Introduction

Fluid Power Circuits.com.au represents two distinct business functions, firstly, it’s about providing a specialised skill set to help individuals/organisations with their fluid power applications. Secondary it’s about connecting with individuals at a level that represents a mutual business relationship of respect and trust.

In our structured business industry, we often hear this processed is referred by the term ‘Technical Sales Agents’, or more commonly as a Sales Engineer type role. Either way it’s about understanding the art and science of business communication. It does not matter how good your product or service is, if you cannot connect at a level of trust or build rapport, a simple request can turn very ugly very quickly.

The illustration of the very old  cartoon script called “Tree Swing” is a perfect way to summarise what happens in a technical selling activity!


Yes…. when you stop and analyse this story… it makes you laugh, particularly if anyone has been involved with solution selling, each scene represents so many stories and examples of what people have experienced on both sides of the business equation. The fascinating fact about this illustration, is it’s origin, in principal concept it is thought to be 30 years old. The point of the story, have we really progress in our ability to communicate better?  As a result, I have been inspired to write a number a different Technical Selling articles to explore how we can better communicate and prepare ideas to ensure successful outcomes can be achieved.

Please note: Sharing the credit for the Cartoon origins, is a little challenging due to the author’s identity is uncertain.

Next Article will look at the topic “What is the customer asking for?”