Want to know how a professional schematic is going to add value to your application?

Hyd Circuit - Base1BOM420_600_Schema1

7 key benefits – By having your circuits professionally prepared will add significant value and peace of mind that your projects are organised. The benefits presented here come from being involved with many different fabrication projects that could have been improved with more time invested in the preparation stage of the project, these benefits are:

1. A well prepared schematic becomes a valuable asset, because it will give your application a clear history of what was planned. Through version/document management control a picture of what has been changed will be captured and recorded.

2. Having a fluid power circuit schematic prepared by trained drafters who understand the appropriate drawing conventions will enable a circuit to be prepared with the right level of detail.  Ensuring the schematic will become a value communication aid.

3. Incorporating detail in a schematic will improve the communication process.  Every project contains a range of communication lines between internal and external parties to complete a variety of job functions to ensure a project is successfully completed. Typical level of detail can be defined as:

  • Level 1 – Basic circuit layout – using generic ISO standard symbols
  • Level 2 – Circuit layout – using ISO symbols incorporating manufacturers component specifications
  • Level 3 – Circuit layout – identifying the relevant line and accessory specifications.

4. A well prepared schematic will become a valuable tool for collecting and organising the Build of Material (BOM) list of components needed for the project.

5. A well prepared BOM list will be provide a strong knowledge base of what is required. This will enable procurement staff to negotiate with a range of vendors for the various components to complete the job.

6. A well prepared schematic can be use for multiple documents, from engineering plans, through to procurement procedures and service and maintenance manuals.

7. Each schematic drawing can be presented with the company and project title statement headers, giving the schematic a professional look and feel.