What are the benefits of Fluid Power Systems?

The core theme of Fluid Power Circuits is about producing quality schematics and fluid power circuit designs. This week I have been working on a particular application that by its functional requirements was quite straight forward, however, as the details started to evolve with how it is/was to operate,  where it was intended to operate. My concerns started to increase to a point that internal alarms started going off, as always at this point it is about slowing down the project and to re-think the design outline.

This scenario is a typical experience for fluid power designers, and it is this challenge that makes the role interesting. As I explored this further, I was reminded how flexible and how fluid power systems bring a genuine path of advantages to a machine design.

The classic text book explanations of these advantages are:

  1. Multiplication and variation of ForceLinear or rotary force can be multiplied from a fraction of grams to several hundred tonnes of output.
  2. Easy, accurate control-You can start, stop, accelerate, decelerate, reverse or position large forces with great accuracy. Analog (infinitely variable) and digital (on/off) control are possible.
  3. Multi-function control-A single hydraulic pump or air compressor can provide power and control for numerous machines or machine functions when combined with fluid power manifolds and valves.
  4. High horsepower, low weight ratioPneumatic components are compact and lightweight. You can hold a five horsepower hydraulic motor in the palm of your hand.
  5. Low speed torqueUnlike electric motors, air or hydraulic motors can produce large amounts of torque (twisting force) while operating at low speeds.
  6. Constant force or torqueThis is a unique fluid power attribute.
  7. Safety in hazardous environmentsFluid power can be used in mines, chemical plants, near explosives and in paint applications because it is inherently spark-free and can tolerate high temperatures.

These 7 key principals form the heart and soul of every fluid power circuit design, which provides a designer with the confidence  to say okay, you can have Force, Control, Power and you can operate it in a hazardous environment.

Now, this is where the real benefit of Fluid Power Systems begins, the industry is saturated with thousands of different components to enable a fluid power circuit to be constructed to produce a result. The benefits of a saturated industry are: options and negotiating power. (We’ll discuss this in more detail later)

In summary, fluid power systems provide a designer with a wonderful range of options for achieving world class functional machines.

I am inspired by ~Ove Arup famous quote:

“Engineering problems are under-defined, there are many solutions, good, bad and indifferent. The art is to arrive at a good solution. This is a creative activity, involving imagination, intuition and deliberate choice.”

At Fluid Power Circuits we can help identify the components you need to achieve your vision.