automation_studio_professional_edition_p6Our Circuit Simulation and Analysis Tools come from Famic Technologies, the creators of the world leading Fluid Power Simulation Software Package “Automation Studio” a powerful tool for turning a Fluid Power Circuit into a dynamic simulated model.

The confidence that can be gained by understanding how a circuit is behaving, opens up the world of possibilities for being able to carry out the “What If” design questions. Check out the following examples of what is possible:

This example is an illustration of a Hi Lo hydraulic circuit, typically used in a wood splitter. the concept of using two fixed displacement pumps, and pressure control to switch from one to another.
This example demonstrates a simple electrical switching circuit, using proximity switches on the cylinder to trigger the electrical functions.
In this example: An illustration is shown to highlight the components and sizing elements to prepare a circuit for a Winch application.
This example is presented  to illustrate the effectiveness of being able to see how fluid is going to flow through a complex manifold circuit. Sures beats trying to use colour high lighters in a tradition static CAD schematic to trace and predict what is going to happen to the flow and pressure aspects of the design.
This example: high lights what happens to a load sense pump and valving system when you had resistance to the  torque requirements of a rotating shaft.
This example high lights the complex nature of a PVG Proportional control circuit schematic, to provide the predictable and smooth delivery
This example high lights some unique features of the simulation software that allows issues like heat in a circuit to be captured. To demonstrate the impact of the circuit design.
This example illustrates two features of the simulation possibilities, firstly demonstrates the effect of a counterbalance valve in a simulated work environment of a tipping truck body. Secondly, a good example of applying a mechanical mechanism to the hydraulic circuit to demonstrate how this will operate.