If you’re the type that likes to find unique ways to present technical content without excessive effort, get the biggest impact for your presentation, or deliver interactive models to illustrate a story, you and I have something in common.

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About this site

Breathing life into ideas …. I am continually inspired by what can be achieved by the simple concept of using fluid to add mechanical advantages to a whole range of different applications.

Welcome to Fluid Power Circuits, my name is James McEwen,  as a professional Sales Engineer based in Melbourne, Australia. I work with engineering or like minded individuals that create, develop and/or modify mechanical applications.

Mechanical Design Projects often begin with an idea that has been kick started by someone asking the question “Why don’t we do this or that?”  In many cases, great ideas often die or never reach it’s full potential  because the project being undertaken needed:

  • more time to draft/design the idea into better plans.
  • to find the right skill sets to pull together the right documents/plans.
  • more time to prepare and cost projects accurately.

For these reasons, I have been motivated to create this interactive website that allows ideas to be captured in a seamless workflow. In collaboration, deliver tangible documents that will enable the idea to be brought to life.



The key value proposition that Fluid Power Circuits brings to the table is our professional network combined with enthusiasm, confidence  and the right tools to help you achieve your goals. You can receive the benefits of our services very quickly to prove you are on the right track and getting value for your money.

We look forward to being able to help you with your Fluid Power projects. For more information about my background please visit my LinkedIn.james_sign2 jmcewenfpc_email

About the Fluid Power Circuits – Blog Articles

A series of articles will evolve overtime, looking at a variety of topics from Fluid Circuit Failures because not enough detail was identified in the schematic, through to the challenges of presenting Technical Details to illustrate or Sell a point of difference.  Check out some of the existing articles:

  • Want to know how a professional schematic is going to add value to your presentation?
  • Top 5 Reasons why projects succeed with a quality Fluid Power Schematic .
  • Want to know if your existing Fluid Power Design is the most efficient way of achieving the actual work function? A key service option we offer is the ability to asked the question Where can this Fluid Power Design be improved? Delivered in a commercial report detailing What if Scenarios” . A common comment Engineering Companies make is that We have been doing this since day one. Is that right or wrong? Check out the Report – Where can savings be made in fluid power circuit?
  • Want to see a your Fluid Power Circuit Come Alive? A feature of our drafting software is the ability to simulate working conditions of the operation? A very powerful tool to illustrate the effects of the circuit design and outcome